We are available to support our church members and help our community as we carry out the Great Commission. 

Please contact us if we can be of help to you or your family!

Reverend Jimmy McMillian
Email:  jimmymcm.btc@gmail.com
Phone:  706-882-0087

Assistant Pastor
Reverend Steve Johnson
Email: btfrchaplin@gmail.com
Phone:  706-3024707

       Pastor's Secretary
Cindy Bowen
Email: cindyb.btc@gmail.com

Phone:  706-882-0087

  Church Secretary
Peggy Traylor
Email: peggyt.btc@gmail.com

Phone:  706-882-0087

 Website Contact
Denise Giddens
Email: deniseg.btc@gmail.com

Phone:  706-333-5530